Welcome Anglers,


We cruised through the eleventh year and are now celebrating the 12th Anniversary of the Miami Swordfish Tournament. Throughout the years our boat numbers have remained constant. We know that swordfishing is an “extreme” type of fishing that’s not for everyone. We like it that way! Just like to thank all our teams that are with us year after year.


Last year was the best year ever in number of fish weighed and size of fish. The team aboard “Stake Out” weighed in a Tournament record 439 lb. swordfish. They also weighed a 237 lb. sword and released another, for a total of 776 points. An impressive total anywhere in the world. Bottom line; fishing was great last year.


The Miami boys want the trophy back. Word is, some pretty impressive Miami teams are prepping to win the trophy back from Broward. As always, the winning team will be painted into next year’s T-shirt artwork... Bragging rights for a year.


Starting this year the perpetual trophy will reside in the winning boat’s county. If the trophy is won by a Miami boat the trophy will be on display at Hopkins Carter Tackle Store. In Broward it will be in R.J. Boyle’s Tackle Store. If a team from a different county wins, we will determine where to display it. Just a little added incentive.


We look forward to seeing you!


Capt. Richard H. Peeples III





Tournament Director